August 2014 Bulletin
Volume 82 | Issue 4
August  2014

Profile: Brad Hill, Mississippi State University

Title: Coordinator for Union OperationsHill
Years in the profession: 5
Year joined ACUI: 2009

What is your primary responsibility?
My primary responsibilities include overseeing all aspects of the operations of the Colvard Student Union at night and on weekends. I work with colleagues, student organizations, and departments to aid in producing successful events. I also oversee the operations graduate assistants and information desk assistants. Other duties include emergency management plans, billing, and key inventory.

What would your staff, colleagues, or students say about you?
I would hope that my colleagues and staff would say that I am a fun loving guy who likes to have fun while getting his work done. I think they would say that I will strive to make sure no matter what, I complete any task assigned to me. I enjoy my job and working with the students and departments to make their events successful. The best part of my job is standing back and watching an event take place and having the satisfaction of knowing that the students/departments have been successful with their event.

What’s one innovation or project of which you’re proud to have helped implement?

When I first arrived at Mississippi State, I was assigned the task of keeping up with the union key inventory. I undertook the task and was successful at creating a key/access inventory system. This system has made it much easier to keep track of all keys assigned to our building and who has access to which areas.

What is one lesson you’ve learned?
The biggest lesson I have learned in my professional career is don’t take things to heart! There are often times when things don’t come across the right way or times get stressful or tense. My boss in graduate school (and current boss) has taught me to chill out, take a step back, and don’t take things to heart. There are things that will come your way, positive and negative, and you just have to work through them.

What is your favorite ACUI memory?
It’s not easy to distinguish one favorite ACUI memory because I love them all. I have had the privilege of serving on two international teams—I-LEAD® and the 2014 Orlando Conference Program Team. Both experiences have impacted me to my core and taught me many great lessons. From the people to the educational content, ACUI has made a tremendous impact on my career, and I look forward to my next ACUI volunteer position!