September Cover
Volume 81 | Issue 5
September 2013

Regional Restructuring Task Force Gearing Up for Transition

The Regional Restructuring Task Force made important progress in working through the restructuring process that was approved by the Board of Trustees in January. The task force had an in-person meeting at the ACUI Central Office in June, allowing some true progress to be made by the individual work groups. Additionally, co-chairs Brenda Evans and Jeremy Schenk attended the ACUI Leadership Team Meeting in July, providing information and support to current and incoming regional directors, as well as the rest of the Association’s leadership.

Work Group Updates

The Educational Programs Work Group has completed the regional conference selection process for 2014 and 2015. These locations were announced to the membership after press time and are available at The Central Office is working with the selected host sites to confirm their hosting responsibilities to ensure a positive experience for all members. The incoming and outgoing regional directors looked at many factors while selecting the host sites, particularly the geographic distribution of conference sites over the next two years. Among the diverse locations, promotion of the Permeability Statement adopted by the Association encourages members to select experiences near them if more convenient. Another factor in the decision was allowance for alternating conference weekends, so every member can find a conference site that is accessible.

The Finance Work Group presented a new financial model to the ACUI Leadership Team in July for the regions to back the implemented changes at the Central Office, which include realigning several staff members’ time and efforts to support the regions in a more substantial and consistent manner. This team also worked with Central Office to establish a new accounting system to clearly separate regional operational dollars from scholarship dollars to ensure all revenue and donations raised for scholarships are used for that purpose. In addition, the eight regions will begin with a minimum of $2,500 in their scholarship accounts so each region can continue the legacy of professional development for its members.

The Scholarships and Awards Work Group collaborated with the Finance Work Group to make financial decisions related to awards and scholarships. In transitioning awards programs, the group wants to respect the work of current and past ACUI members who have regional awards and scholarships named in their honor, while also creating a strong foundation for the new regions. Discussions to be resolved this year include which named awards to keep in the new regions, whether to have standard awards and scholarships across all the regions, and how to move toward endowing future awards that can be honored perpetually.

The Branding Work Group developed new branding guidelines for the Association and its programs. The ACUI Branding Guide provides standards and templates for emails, website content, press releases, social media, logos, and more. With the need to be consistent and demonstrate the consummate professionalism of ACUI, new logos and websites for the eight regions will launch when the official change becomes effective Jan. 1, 2014. At this time, Twitter and Facebook identities for each region also will be implemented. The group is finalizing a plan that will detail which current social media pages will be shut down and which will be rolled over to reflect the new regional identity.

The Volunteer Work Group is transforming the volunteer experience for members at the regional level. Working closely with the Volunteer Development Team, this group has created new regional position descriptions and a modified Regional Leadership Team structure developed to more acutely meet members’ needs. This also included developing new training materials and guidelines for all regional and international volunteer positions. One of this group’s major charges was developing a plan to fill 104 open Regional Leadership Team positions. One hundred forty-six applicants were recruited in July and interviews were conducted in August. The eight new Regional Leadership Teams will be announced later this month.

The External Relationships Work Group continues to examine ways in which relationships with external partners can strengthen a member's experience and development at both the regional and international level. With this strategy in mind, partnership agreements, memorandums of understanding, and financial sponsorship expectations and levels for programs have been developed and are now being finalized for implementation.

Continue to follow the task force’s progress online at and submit your feedback or questions to The task force values the transparency of the Association and remains open to sharing their work and progress with the membership.