March 2013 Cover
Volume 81 | Issue 2
March 2013

Regional Audit Recommendations Approved, Restructuring Work Begins

Culminating a nearly two-year process, the ACUI Board of Trustees voted and unanimously approved the ACUI Regional Audit Task Force recommendations.

A group of regional directors, both past and present, have served on the Regional Audit Task Force. Through an extensive series of research and outreach efforts, they strived to answer one primary question: What is the most effective and efficient way to deliver regional programs and services to the Association’s membership?

During the audit, hundreds of ACUI members completed surveys and participated in focus groups, town hall discussions, SWOT analysis, and conference sessions. In addition, the task force conducted extensive research in to regional programming trends and attendance figures. They closely examined statistical and historical research on trends in membership, programs, and services Association-wide. In 2012, preliminary recommendations were revealed in a series of presentations to the ACUI Leadership Team, regional leadership teams, Association-wide town hall meetings, and at each regional conference. In July 2012, the Board of Trustees provided a preliminary endorsement of these recommendations. Feedback was then solicited at the 2012 regional conference and town hall meetings.

The recommendations will help shape the future of ACUI programs and services, volunteer engagement, regional boundaries, finances, and regional culture. Collectively, they provide a blueprint that addresses many of the challenges facing the Association today and is a well-considered plan and vision for ACUI.

The Board of Trustees formed a Regional Restructuring Task Force comprised of volunteer leaders from across the Association who are beginning the process of implementing these recommendations. The task force has already begun the work of creating specific tasks and timelines needed to complete the implementation. They grouped the recommendations into six categories and assigned a work group to each: regional educational programs, branding, external relationships, finance, scholarships and awards, and volunteer experience.

The full recommendations and information about the status of the implementation is available at
Thank you to the members of the ACUI Regional Audit Task Force for all of their hard work: Geoff Combs, Kris Day, Lanita Legan, Jason Levy, Dave Teske, Dave Timmann, Brenda Evans (co-chair), and Jeremy Schenk (co-chair).

Restructuring Timeline

Regional Directors Selection Process
There will be an election in 2013 for all eight regions: One-year term for regions 1, 3, 5, 7 and two-year term for regions 2, 4, 6,

April 5
Applications due

April 15–May 3

May 7
Results announced

Regional Leadership Team Selection Process
The new eight regional leadership teams will be selected as follows:

July 31
Applications due

Selection committee reviews applications and selection process

Aug. 30
New regional leadership teams announced

First regional leadership team meeting

Regional Restructuring Task Force Members

Brenda Evans, Co-chair
Jeremy Schenk, Co-chair
Laura Ballou
Kris Day
Jeremy Hamlett
Scott Reed
Dave Teske
Dave Timmann
Zack Wahlquist
Jill Zambito