Volume 80 | Issue 5
September 2012

ACUI Creates Program to Facilitate Internships in 2013

In 2010, the ACUI Education Council proposed that the Association create an internship matching program, similar to those coordinated by other higher education organizations. Now, that program has become a reality, with the graduate students starting their internships in May 2013.

“I’m excited to see this concept come to fruition,” said Jeff Pelletier, The Ohio State University, who helped develop the program proposal. “We talk about growing the profession, and this is a tangible way we are supporting future ACUI members in a controlled learning environment around Association principles.”

The ACUI Internship Program will offer a comprehensive and structured learning experience for candidates with at least a bachelor’s degree—including entry-level professionals, master’s candidates, or doctoral candidates in higher education, student affairs, or related fields—looking for the opportunity to work in a college union or activities program at a participating member institution. Designed around the Association’s core competencies and skill sets, interns will gain insight into the daily operations, programming, services, and overall management of a college union and student activities program in preparation for a career in the field. Additionally, if enrolled in a graduate program that offers this option, student participants could receive course credit for the internship.

To qualify to host a summer intern, an institution must be an ACUI member and complete the online application. A host institution must also provide a dedicated supervisor for the intern—someone with the time and talent to mentor, encourage, and evaluate the intern and their mutual experience. For the 2013 program, internships must last a minimum of eight weeks but no more than 10 weeks during the months of May to August. A minimum stipend of $1,500 is expected, and the host institution also is expected to provide or coordinate room and board for the intern. The specific start and end date of the internship are subject to the host institution’s academic schedule.

While all host institutions will provide a core set of comparable educational outcomes, specific learning opportunities will differ by institution. A small school host institution may provide educational opportunities in the way of a more generalist student affairs practitioner while a private school might provide experience around a specifically centered mission for the school (religious, service, etc.). A public or large institution could provide an intern experiences with a larger staff, more expansive building and programs, and more specialized jobs as well as a larger/more diverse student population. Interns will not be matched with their home institution.

The program timeline and process is being modeled after the National Orientation Directors Association. Dates to note are listed below.

Nov. 28, 2012:
Deadline to submit an application to host an intern

Dec. 7, 2012 :
Position descriptions/postings available

Jan. 11, 2013:
Deadline for candidate applications to be completed and submitted online

Jan. 18, 2013:
Candidate materials available online to host for initial review; hosts may contact candidates and begin interviews

Feb. 15, 2013, noon eastern:
Hosts can offer to candidates no earlier than noon Eastern

Feb. 25, 2013:
Hosts and candidates complete a status update form

May–August 2013:
Internships occur 

For more information about the program, please visit