Volume 79 | Issue 6
November 2011

ACUI begins plans for 100th anniversary celebration

The Association is beginning plans to celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2014. ACUI was founded in 1914 by a group of student leaders at Midwestern universities. Since then, it has grown to become the primary organization for those working in college unions and student activities in the United States and in other English-speaking countries. Linda Eldred, of Indiana State University and chair of the 75th Anniversary Conference, said, “Hundreds of volunteers have built on the traditions, hopes, dreams, and plans of the original founding members. How proud they would be knowing their dreams continue to be our dreams.” Now 25 years later, Patrick Bailey, University of Southern California, is leading a team of volunteers and staff to commemorate this important milestone.

The purpose of the observance is to reflect on the Association’s first 100 years, celebrate the Association’s accomplishments, and look to the future of both the Association and the college union and student activities profession.

The objectives of the 100th anniversary team will be to:

  • Renew the Association’s commitment to serving its members well in a variety of ways.
  • Emphasize the philosophy that college unions and student activities professionals are real people doing worthwhile things together in an atmosphere of mutual interest and respect.
  • Intensify the ongoing programs of fundraising and development.
  • Recognize and applaud efforts and contributions in the field and to the Association.
  • Sponsor special activities and projects throughout the observance period.
  • Provide special publications and media materials.
  • Make available materials and programs for use on campuses, which will highlight the college union/student activities field and ACUI.
  • Highlight certain historical aspects of the Association’s development especially in diversity.
  • Focus on major issues confronting the field.
  • Provide special opportunities in personal and professional growth for the students and practitioners.
  • Emphasize the use and value of art in the college union and for the Association.
  • Emphasize volunteerism, including student leadership development at the campus level.
  • Offer special memorabilia.
  • Structure, plan, and manage the anniversary in an efficient and effective manner.

The task force met for the first time in July following the annual Leadership Team meeting. After spending a short period of time getting to know each other, the large team divided into smaller workgroups to discuss specific areas that might be incorporated into the celebration. These ideas will be developed further during the coming months.

Recently, the team has initiated its first project: seeking a logo for 100th anniversary. A new competition will generate a winning brand to be used through December 2014. Students and staff are encouraged to enter their logo designs for a chance to brand the centennial celebration. The winner will also receive a trip to ACUI’s 2012 annual conference to witness the logo’s unveiling.

More information about the contest is available from