Volume 79 | Issue 6
November 2011

Central Office transitions, grows

In recent months, the Central Office has made some staffing changes that included three promotions and three new hires, with the primary goal of increased service to ACUI members. 

Late 2011 changes

Previously an educational program coordinator who worked with ACUI and the Campus Safety, Health, and Environmental Management Association (CSHEMA), Tim Arth was promoted to event and corporate sales manager in early 2011, assuming all duties for the CSHEMA Exhibit Hall and corporate partner relationships as well as assisting with ACUI corporate partners.

“I am excited to be gaining new knowledge in the sales process from prospecting to fulfillment,” Arth said. “In addition, I am now able to assist CSHEMA’s corporate partners to make connections with CSHEMA’s institutional members.”

Gillian Thiebe, former office administrator, also was promoted in early 2011 to sales coordinator; she now focuses the majority of her time on Procure Promos while also overseeing the awards program for ACUI.

“My new position allows for dedicated time to build the Procure Promos program and provide affordable promotional items and apparel solutions for members,” Thiebe said.

When Thiebe was promoted, ACUI hired a new office administrator, Julie Sylvester. Her responsibilities include supporting member needs and coordinating office operations. She is the primary customer service representative for ACUI and CSHEMA.

Previously, Sylvester worked at Indiana University for 16 years, including six at the National Survey of Student Engagement. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Indiana University and currently is working to obtain her master’s degree in business administration.
“I enjoy working with people from students to professionals and assisting them with their questions about ACUI programs and memberships,” she said. 

Recent changes

Strategic Direction 4 in the Association’s 2011–15 Strategic Plan states: “ACUI will be the leader among student affairs associations in using online technology to advance community building and the college union and student activities profession.” This, coupled with the growth in current ACUI online services and programs, led to the creation of a new staff role—online engagement manager. Justin Rudisille, former educational program coordinator, was promoted to this position in September. He now oversees the communities of practice, online learning programs, social media efforts, and webinars for ACUI, CSHEMA, and the recently contracted Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors (AFA).

“Over the past few years, as I developed those ‘If I had more time’ lists, most of my ideas for improvements and new projects were within the area of online programs and services,” Rudisille said. “I think there are a lot of opportunities and challenges in these areas on which it will be exciting to work.”

As both Arth and Rudisille moved to new roles in the Association, ACUI hired Brian Magee, who started this month, to fill the role of educational program coordinator. Magee earned two bachelor’s degrees, one in Spanish and one in biology, from the University of Rochester; he has a master’s degree in higher education administration/student affairs administration from the University at Buffalo.

Over the past two years, Magee has been active in ACUI. He has served multiple roles on the Region 2 Leadership Team and served on the Region 2 Conference Planning Team. Internationally, Magee was on the 2011 Conference Management Team and served as an Institute for Leadership Education and Development facilitator.

“I decided to apply for the position because ACUI has played such a crucial role in my professional development,” Magee said. “I would like to further give back to others to have the same experiences that I did.”

In his role as educational program coordinator, Magee will be the Central Office liaison to the majority of student programs.

“One of my main goals will be to further develop the student programs and to make sure that they are purposeful and resourceful for all students,” he said.

With the acquisition of the AFA contract, ACUI hired an additional office administrator. Kaye Cross is the primary customer service representative for AFA.

Cross previously worked for ACUI for 17 years before departing in 2003 as an honorary ACUI member. At that time, she provided membership support, processed orders, and oversaw conference registration. 

“I missed all my friends that I made when I worked for ACUI before,” Cross said. “I’m so excited to be back with my ACUI family.”