Volume 79 | Issue 6
November 2011

Regional audit to be complete January 2013

Earlier this year, ACUI announced the creation of a task force to review and make recommendations regarding the Association’s regional structure. The timeline to complete the work in the charge statement (see below) has been revised with a final report due to the Board of Trustees in January 2013.

The task force has engaged the services of an external consultant to help guide the work of group. The initial task of data collection began with an educational session at each of the 15 regional conferences. Additional information will be gathered in the coming months. Following the annual conference in March, the task force will begin work on drafting the response to the overall charge statement: What is the most effective and efficient way to deliver regional programs and services to the Association’s membership? After the draft is complete, several rounds of feedback will be solicited, culminating with the 2012 regional conferences. Additionally, as part of the data collection process, the task force will conduct two online town hall meetings for those who were unable to attend the sessions at the regional conferences. The sessions will be Nov. 29, 1 p.m. Eastern and Dec. 1, 4 p.m. Eastern.

The task force is comprised of eight regional directors and is being co-chaired by Brenda Evans, University of Massachusetts–Lowell, and Jeremy Schenk, Missouri State University. Additional members include: Geoff Combs, University of Massachusetts–Boston; Kristine Day, University of Michigan–Dearborn; Trish Dillenbeck, Buffalo State University; Lanita Legan, Texas State University–San Marcos; Jason Levy, Temple University; Dave Timmann, West Chester University; and Dave Teske, ACUI Central Office.

The task force welcomes any ideas and is looking forward to active member involvement during the process. To share your comments, please email

Charge Statement

ACUI regions are an important and valued part of the Association. For many, our regions serve as the gateway to Association involvement and an important point of access to ACUI programs, services, and initiatives. As a component group, the regional directors have been innovative and collaborative in working to continuously improve the regional experience for all members.

What is the most effective and efficient way to deliver regional programs and services to the Association’s membership?

Particular consideration should be given to the following:

  • Regional Structure (e.g., What is the right number of regions, what are their geographic boundaries, and to what extent are those boundaries permeable?)
  • Program and Service Delivery (e.g., How will conferences, recreation tournaments, drive-in workshops, student programs, etc. be delivered?)
  • Association Brand Consistency Across the Regions (e.g., How are programs and services delivered at a consistently high level of quality?)
  • Fiscal Impact to the Association (e.g., A new structure or delivery method must either maintain or improve the regions’ financial position within the Association)
  • Cultural Impact (e.g., What should be maintained and brought forward from the current regional structure that is important to the Association’s history and culture?)