Volume 78 | Issue 6
November 2010

New competition allows students to reflect on experiences, interact with ACUI

In mid-October, ACUI launched a new competition called Remark., a writing and visual arts contest that allows undergraduate students to “make their remark about college unions and student activities.”

“From the moment I heard the idea for this new competition, I knew it would be another opportunity to connect with students, attracting them to the profession” ACUI Executive Director Marsha Herman-Betzen said. “It is wonderful for these students to have direct interaction with the Association.”

Increased interaction with undergraduates is a continuous goal for ACUI. In 2009, undergraduates were granted free membership to the Association; today, more than 1,000 students are members. It is hoped that the Remark. competition will boost that number further and afford ACUI more opportunities to connect with this population.

Within the process of making that connection with ACUI, students will also be connecting with college unions and student activities. Remark. will encourage students to reflect on their experiences, consider their involvement decisions, and gain insight on what their interactions with the union and activities mean.

Remark. offers students a variety of ways to express their thoughts. It could be a personal essay, a photograph, or even a video. The competition is separated into five categories to accommodate different styles: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, visual arts, and video. Students are able to enter as many categories with as many entries as desired. However, each piece must be original.

Students who place in each category or are the overall best of show will receive recognition in a variety of ways:

  • Best of show will be printed in a 2011 issue of the Bulletin, showcased on the ACUI website, featured in the “Perspective” section of the ACUI Commons, and displayed at the 2011 ACUI annual conference in Chicago.
  • The first place winner in each category will receive recognition in the Bulletin and on the ACUI website, have the entry displayed at the annual conference, and be featured in the “Perspective” section of the ACUI Commons.
  • The top three entries in each category will receive recognition on the ACUI website and be displayed at the annual conference.

If you know a student who would benefit from or enjoy participating in Remark., then help spread the word.

You don’t just want undergraduates to come into the union, work or volunteer, and then leave without the realization of the impact their experiences had on their lives. This is staff members’ chance to encourage students to reflect and be creative with how they “make their remark.”

The competition could even be considered a professional development opportunity for undergraduates who cannot attend larger ACUI programs. Organizations may even want to set aside some money to help students pay the entry fee ($10 per entry).

Students’ reflections on their coursework or an internship at the union can help them be even more decisive about their direction in their chosen profession. Encourage students to participate in Remark. as a professional development opportunity and for the added recognition they would receive by excelling in the competition.

Don’t miss this opportunity to share the connection you have to the college union. Future employers want to know that students were involved on campus and developed their skills; what better way to tell them than by documenting those experiences and having
them published?

Remark. will conclude on Dec. 10, 2010. Winners will be announced in or before February 2011.

Visit to enter the competition, find helpful promotion materials, and learn more about Remark.