Volume 78 | Issue 2
March  2010

Wheaton College, Balfour-Hood Campus Center


Wheaton College
Four-year, private, suburban  
Location: Norton, Mass.
Full-time enrollment: 1,550
Balfour-Hood Campus Center
Director: Rebecca Pye
Size: 33,375 sq. ft.
Floors: 3
Year built: 1986
Student staff: 40 (part-time)
Nonstudent staff: 11 (full-time); 1 (part-time)

Funded through student and alumni funds, the Student Alumnae Building at Wheaton College in Norton, Mass., was first constructed in 1940. The building was renamed the Balfour-Hood Campus Center after Lloyd G. and Mildred Balfour and the Gilbert Hood family in 1986. In that same year, the Campus Center underwent renovations that allowed for an architectural plan that included a “postmodernist structure.” The new building included a three-story atrium and 250-foot façade.

Unique features
The three-story atrium serves as a multipurpose area for students at Wheaton.

“The atrium is one of the only spaces for students to hold campus-wide social events,” said Rebecca Pye, campus center coordinator.
The Campus Center also houses a dance studio, broadcasting and recording studio, band practice rooms, fitness center, an art gallery, and a student pub called “The Loft,” which is actually located in the basement.
Students’ role
Many students work in the Campus Center through the Office of Student Life, which employs Campus Center assistants, Loft interns, transportation and programming interns, Women’s History Month interns, student assistants, and orientation assistants.
“The positions range from first-year positions to paraprofessional internships,” Pye said.
Students are also able to partake in the Balfour-Hood Campus Center Advisory Board and the Student Government Association, which are housed in the Campus Center.

In an effort to become more sustainable, the Balfour-Hood Campus Center Advisory Board is working with facilities to implement new actions that will help to
save energy.
“The board has chosen to start with two small steps that will make a big impact,” Pye said. “One of the initiatives is a lighting retro-fit for more energy-efficient bulbs. The other is encouraging all programming within the Campus Center to be ‘balloon free.’”
The Advisory Board also works with various student groups to program events such as Battle of the Bands, Halloween dance, the annual drag show, and heritage month programs.