Volume 77 | Issue 6
November 2009

Free membership offered to future leaders of the profession and Association

It may go without saying that today’s students pursuing degrees in higher education and student affairs are the future, not only of the profession of unions and activities, but also of the Association. However, the faculty who teach and guide them are critical to the development of these potential colleagues. Because these two groups are integral to growing the profession and sustaining the Association, ACUI now offers free membership to both.

The current ACUI strategic plan includes the big, audacious goal as the Association being “the primary resource for leading-edge education, training, and development in college unions and student activities to impact student learning and enhance campus communities.” Impacting student learning can be accomplished partly through the classroom. By providing faculty and students with the same resources ACUI members utilize, the transition from a student to a professional and colleague becomes more fluid. New professionals will speak the same language as experienced professionals. They will be aware of past trends that have transformed the union and be able to predict those that will transform the union in the future. And, they will have developed relationships through networking that shape the professional they become.

Growing the profession through student and faculty membership will also create a pipeline of individuals to initiate or sustain institutional membership. Even students who do not enter their professional career in the union or activities departments will have the skills to build community on campus wherever they may land. They will continue to look to ACUI to provide the ever-changing education that creates a diverse and inclusive campus community.

Faculty members will have access to classroom resources like The Bulletin, and they can also purchase textbooks through the ACUI bookstore and take advantage of sales and promotions. Faculty members can also engage with professionals, students, and other faculty members at institutions around the world though online forums and communities of practice. Additionally, faculty members can share their expertise by contributing article ideas and content for The Bulletin.

Membership also benefits students in immediate ways. According to the ABC news article, “Professional Associations: Membership Has Rewards,” students often overlook professional association membership as a way to build their experience and knowledge. The article suggests that association membership helps to “professionalize” individuals’ resumes by helping employers see that they are invested in the field they have chosen. Association membership is also a great way to increase knowledge of the field, provide networking opportunities, and help graduates land a job. Specific benefits students can take advantage of through ACUI membership include career planning, educational programs, scholarships, and awards. A complete list of student benefits can be found at the new student page of the ACUI website at

ACUI is dedicated to being a leader in advancing campus community. Doing so requires the knowledge and effort from every perspective—including students and faculty members. Student membership is free and open to any full-time undergraduate or graduate student who holds a leadership or employee position in the field, is seeking a degree in student affairs, or has an interest in the profession of college unions or student activities. Faculty membership is free and open to full-time faculty teaching or conducting research in an area related to student affairs.