Volume 77 | Issue 5
September 2009

ACUI and sister association see success from services staff provide

September marks the one-year anniversary of the three-year agreement for ACUI to provide management services to the Campus Safety, Health, and Environmental Management Association (CSHEMA). ACUI provides administrative and mentoring support to this sister higher education association as that organization works to become the premier resource for campus environmental health and safety professionals. The agreement, in addition to providing nondues revenue for ACUI, provides additional staffing that benefits ACUI’s education, publications, and corporate partnership departments.
“This venture started out as a compliment to ACUI staff and has grown into a mutually satisfying business venture for both ACUI and CSHEMA,” said Jack Voorhees, who serves as CSHEMA’s executive director and ACUI’s director of business services. “Both organizations took risks by entering into the agreement, but I think the leadership of both associations has been pleased with the result.”
Staff received positive feedback from the CSHEMA Board of Directors on the management of CSHEMA’s 56th annual conference, held at the New Orleans Marriott July 12–15. There were 205 full delegates and 14 one-day registrations. While this falls short of CSHEMA’s budget to bring 225 full delegates to the conference, many expense reductions were made in an attempt to compensate for the decreased attendance. Despite the low turnout, the delegate evaluation has received a 55 percent return rate so far with almost 90 percent of delegates reporting that they were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the annual conference.
The CSHEMA fiscal year ended May 31, 2009. Preliminary and unaudited data shows that CSHEMA will come in ahead of budget by approximately $10,000, but an external audit will be conducted to verify the financial standing of the organization. The current fiscal year’s budget was adopted by the Board of Directors at its meeting in New Orleans but will be revised after the first quarter statement that will include final financial data from the annual conference.
Looking ahead, CSHEMA membership renewal continues with just over 50 percent of members renewing, and the organization’s volunteers have started a recruitment campaign with a goal to have another 50 new members by June 30, 2010. Earlier this year ACUI members were invited to attend a CSHEMA webinar on the H1N1 virus; CSHEMA and ACUI are considering more opportunities to partner on online program offerings on overlapping topics such as sustainability and emergency preparedness. And planning, marketing, and solicitation of session proposals has already begun for the 2010 CSHEMA conference in Baltimore.
“We didn’t know what the operationalization of this relationship would be like,” said ACUI Executive Director Marsha Herman-Betzen. “Overall, it’s hard to tell there are two organizations being run out the same office. The only difference has been that we’ve been able to add some hard-working, committed professionals to our staff, improving our capacity to respond to our ACUI members.”