Volume 77 | Issue 3
May 2009

Region 12 wins Battle of the Regions

Throughout the annual conference, regions participated in the Battle of the Regions. Events were designed to engage delegates in a number of competitive activities to boost spirit and recognition of regional affiliation. The winner of the 2009 Battle of the Regions competition was Region 12, with Region 15 and 7 following close behind in second and third place, respectively.

Battle of the Regions points were awarded for placement in:

  • Coin Wars: Delegates dropped spare change into their own region’s specially marked bins and paper bills into other regions’ containers. Points were awarded based on weight, with bills being subtracted. Winner: Region 15
  • ACUI Feud: Regions competed against one another (in teams of five) in this survey competition in the style of the television game show “Family Feud.” The graduate student conference management staff evened out the bracket.Winner: Region 15
  • Poetry Slam: Representatives from each region presented a three-minute slam poetry piece, judged by audience members. Points were awarded to all who participated.Winner: Region 10
  • ACUI Idol: Like the popular show “American Idol,” one student and one professional from each region participated in this spirited karaoke competition. Teams selected one song to perform and then were randomly assigned another song
  • to perform.Winner: Region 1
  • Disney Quest: Teams of five competed in this year’s epic adventure throughout the Downtown Disney District, Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel, and Historic Disneyland Hotel. Teams answered Disney Trivia and completed physical challenges all along this race.Winner: Region 12
  • FUNd Run/Walk: Points were awarded to top finishers (both men and women) as well as to the participant who raised the most money for the Education and Research Fund in this event.
    • Winners:
    • Michelle Lopez, Texas State University–San Marcos, Region 12 (Top fundraiser)
    • Kate Strotmeyer, University of Vermont, Region 1 (1st place women’s finisher)
    • Martin Sandoval, California State University–Los Angeles, Region 15 (1st place men’s finisher)