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– Abraham Lincoln
Volume 76 | Issue 2
March 2008

10 CAS standards now available to ACUI members

The new year brings an exciting update from the Council on the Advancement of Standards (CAS). CAS has developed a set of functional area standards and guidelines within higher education; ACUI has been involved at different levels in the development of many of these standards. What does this mean for you? Because of the generalist nature of college union and student activities work, many of the standards directly affect ACUI members’ work. In fact, if you have ever found yourself asking, “I wish there were standards against which I could compare my own union operations and programs,” you have to visit http://www.acui.org/tools.

ACUI CAS Liaison Bob Rodda worked with other Council members to secure the right to make 10 of the standards available through the ACUI website for members to download. These standards can not only help inform the practices of work done on campus, but many members have been able to use the standards to help justify improvements to their operations.
Downloadable standards include:

  • Campus Activities Standard
  • College Honors Society Standard
  • College Union Standard
  • Commuter and Off Campus Living Programs Standard
  • Conference and Event Standard
  • Dining Services Programs Standard
  • Fraternity and Sorority Advising Standard
  • Orientation Programs Standard
  • Student Leadership Programs Standard
  • Auxiliary Services Functional Area Standard

To download these standards and to find additional information about ACUI’s partnership with CAS, please visit http://www.acui.org/tools.