2016 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational Results

The 16th annual College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational took place April 6–9, 2016 at the University of Texas–Austin. During the event, 67 teams from across the United States, Canada, and for the first time a team from Scotland attended to compete for the top honors.

Finals Round

  1. Temple University (112.8)
  2. Swarthmore College (110.5)
  3. Barnard College (110.2)
  4. Eastern Michigan University (105.9)

Overall results [pdf]

Coaches Awards 

  • Best Performing By a Team:Temple University
  • Best Writing By a Team: Brown University
  • Pushing the Art Forward: University of Utah
  • Best Persona Piece: "To Matthew Shephard, from a Scarecrow," Sean Alino, Montclair State University
  • The Gutbuster Funny Poem: "Drake Meek Mill," Temple University
  • Best Love Poem: "Sex in Front of the Audience," Tianna Bratcher, University of California–Santa Cruz
  • Best Poet:
    • Ariana Brown, University of Texas–Austin
    • Marvin Hodges, Virginia Commonwealth University
    • Chrysanthemum Tran, Brown University
  • Nerd Slam Champion: Anna Vogel, The Ohio State University
  • Head-to-Head Haiku Champion: Mia Willis, East Carolina University
  • Spirit of the Slam: University of Edinburgh
  • Torchbearer's Award:
    • Janae Johnson, University of California–Berkeley
    • Mike Rosen, Wesleyan University
    • Paul Tran, Barnard College

Best of the Rest

  • Jonathan Mendoza and Joaquina Mertz, Berklee College of Music, "Re-Vivir"
  • Oliver Schminkey, Macalester College, "Threesome"
  • Shay Stewart, Ball State University, "Song of the Pretty Bird"
  • Chrysanthemum Tran, Brown University, "Transplant"

Group Piece Showcase

  • Oberlin College
  • University of Oregon
  • Whitman College

Semi-Finals Round

Semi-Finals Results

Preliminaries Round


Updated April 12, 2016