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I-LEAD® Connect: How It Works!

I-LEAD® Connect is ACUI's newest premier student program, designed to emphasize the key concept areas of leadership, community development, and change. I-LEAD® Connect offers an opportunity for the college students to focus on personal growth and other issues facing our world. This three-day institute prepares students to develop skills that will serve them as leaders in any situation, regardless of role, organization, or environment, while breaking cross-departmental barriers.

This program is similar in nature to the full six-day I-LEAD®, but focuses more on cross-campus participation, and connecting your campus community.

What Makes I-LEAD® Connect Successful?

  • There is cross-campus participation. Photo 1
  • While there is a wealth of good for every student participant, the maximum success is achieved when students feel the space they are in is safe, free from judgment, and has few ramifications for information they share. In that, it’s best if the pool of students that are at the program come from a variety of departments and collectively come from diverse backgrounds. This may be achieved across campus departments, job responsibilities or even when hosted programs are split by geographically close campuses. Additionally, you might want to consider block booking the program and have facilitators or students attend the program at a neighboring campus and vice-versa.
  • There is a follow-up opportunity aka community service for participants. Your lead facilitators can help brainstorm these options with you and your team.
  • When the “champion” for the program is able to win others over in terms of getting campus support/funding.
  • You can tell your success story with supporting data. It’s important for future programs that you are able to justify per student costs and are transparent about the value that I-LEAD® Connect brings to your campus. Plan to share press releases on campus and in attending students’ home towns.
  • In addition to student success, facilitators who wish to do better with student development and leadership thrive at the program. It’s a great opportunity to gain professional development and walk away with teamscaping or activities “in a box” for their work with student groups.


For a flat fee, campuses can have up to 60 students participate in this incredible institute right on their own campus. Under this option, ACUI will pay for travel arrangements for two trained lead facilitators, program materials, and logistical support through the ACUI Central Office. Small group facilitators and program interns can come from the host institution. Multiple campuses or institutions may share a session (split the costs and the number of participants).

Customization can include:

  • Additional students
  • Follow-up reporting
  • International pool of facilitators
  • Curriculum licensing


Because the most critical component of the I-LEAD® curriculum is the living, learning environment, it is crucial that host sites have space for large group activities, small group meetings, outdoor activities, personal activities, and sleeping rooms, all within the same facility. Meal time during the institute is critical to the informal learning that takes place throughout the curriculum. Meeting spaces, sleeping arrangements, and meal costs are not included in the program fee.

For more specific logistic requirements, please contact Michelle Smith.

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Updated Feb. 1, 2016