Pass Through Program (PTP)

ACUI is happy to announce the organization of the Pass Through Program (PTP). This program will provide teams with the operational funding and endowment award money to run their own events. The package includes $2,500 in operating funds and $25,000 in endowment funds.

Teams must complete the application form and return it to Russ Arnold via email ( or fax 817.453.8033. 

 Endowment Package Criteria

  1. The event must have a history of or a projected minimum participation level of 50 shooters.
  2. The sponsoring college shooting team must agree to make their best effort to attend an ACUI Conference Championship during the 2014 calendar year.  
  3. The sponsoring college shooting team must agree to make their best effort to attend the 2014 or 2015 Collegiate Clay Target Championships. 
  4. The event cannot be scheduled on a date where there is an ACUI Conference Championship or other sponsored ACUI shooting event within a 500 miles radius.
  5. The package includes $2,500 in operating funds* and $25,000 in endowment funds. The club will receive a check for the $2,500 in operating funds. The sponsoring organization has 15 days after the event to submit a report (team name and amount due) to ACUI with the $25,000 endowment funds payouts of the endowment funds. ACUI will deposit those funds in the appropriate team accounts at MidwayUSA Foundation on behalf of the event sponsoring organization.
  6. The recommended endowment payouts are $1,500 for team participation, $5,000 for high overall, $3,000 runner up, and $2,000 for third place. Total endowment funds cannot exceed $25,000. If the sponsoring organization chooses to apply the endowment funds in a manner other than the recommended payouts prior permission must be obtained from ACUI.
  7. The sponsoring organization agrees to list ACUI and MidwayUSA Foundation as a sponsoring organization.
  8. Application must include a proof of club liability insurance, proof of range liability insurance, and an event flyer.
  9. If another shooting organization other than MidwayUSA Foundation is supplying financial support, the event does not qualify for an ACUI pass through package.
  10. Event organizers agree to market event via press releases, emails, flyers, personal phone calls, or text messages to other clubs, and through social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). ACUI is available to assist if necessary. 
Updated Feb. 11, 2014