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Getting Started with ACUI Collegiate Air Hockey

ACUI has decided to introduce a newly revived, up-and-coming sport that will continue to further its mission of building communities by fostering unique opportunities to develop student interests. The establishment of this Collegiate Air Hockey program will expand the existing collegiate recreational platform and build new and quality opportunities for niche student activities and sports to grow across campuses. The resources below will help you and your team at your institution get started in joining the ACUI Collegiate Air Hockey program.


USAA Rules

All ACUI tournaments and air hockey events will be run by USAA Basic Rules of Play. Use the link to find the complete list of rules and regulations that the ACUI Collegiate Air Hockey program will use for its events.


Get Connected

The first step to participating in ACUI's new program is to register your team. In the future, please be sure to provide your team and institutional information on the "Register Your Team" page (not yet available) so you can share your information with other players as well as find other institutions with air hockey teams!

Air hockey has a diverse community, with numerous hubs throughout the United States and abroad. To connect to this community there are several excellent resources. Share these resources with your teammates and clubs and help them on their path to establish new clubs and gain new members.

This site is run primarily by many active players within the United States Air Hockey Association (the major sanctioning and rules organization behind professional-level air hockey). is a helpful site for any prospective player hoping to become a member of the air hockey community. The site lists places to play, has an active forums section visited by pros and amateurs, reports on tournaments and events, has rules and sanctioned procedures. Most valuable is the ability for new players to directly connect and talk with world champions, many of whom are willing to share advice and tips.

  • Air Hockey Videos

There are a multitude of videos on the that can be viewed for training.  The following are great instructional resources: 



Find a Table

Looking for an air hockey table? Visit ACUI's Procure page to view our selection of tables. If you have any questions or wish to inquire about any selections, please email

                                            Find a Table


Other Resources

Getting Rated

Getting a USAA rating is fairly simple. First, register as a player on and you will be given a default, beginner-level rating. To improve this rating, you can either play in a sanctioned major tournament or challenge another USAA-rated player to a sanctioned match. If you win matches in the sanctioned tournament or beat a player in a sanctioned challenge match, your rating will be adjusted accordingly. The rules and mechanics of challenging a player to a match can be found on

Getting World Ranked

Everyone can obtain a USAA World Ranking. Currently, the world championships is open to anyone. Your world ranking is the position where you finished in the last USAA-sanctioned world championship. That position can shift, based on a second way people came obtain rankings: via challenge matches. You can challenge a world-ranked player to a match. If you win, you take their rank and everyone below them moves down one spot. Players who are ranked only need to accept one challenge per month, being required to play the highest ranked challenger. More details on the procedures are available on





Updated Sept. 27, 2016