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Are you interested in promoting the play of Air Hockey and helping ACUI build this new student platform? Become a sectional host in 2017 and bring ACUI to your school. Hosting an ACUI program allows you to showcase your campus and facilities and give rise to student programming and opportunities.

See if you qualify to host by reviewing the 2017 Air Hockey Request for Proposal. For questions, contact Adrena May at


Running a Tournament

Choose a TypeDynamo Table


A player's skill level will not be taken into account. 


Players are given skill ratings ranging from 0-6. In competition, the players with higher skill ratings must give free points to the lesser-rated player each game they play (i.e., "spotting points").

Example: If a player rated 5 competes against another player rated as a 3, the lower rated player will start every game with two free points (being spotted two points). If a 4 plays a 3, then the lower rated player will start each game with one free point. The only restriction on point spotting in Handicapped tournaments is that 5 free points in the maximum ever awarded. So, if a 6 plays a 0, the 0 still only receives 5 free points per game.

For initial tournaments, it is strongly suggested to make them nonhandicapped events.


  • Find tournament brackets here.
  • Choose the type of elimination:
    • Single Elimination: Each opponent faces each other once. The winner must win all of their matches in a row to proceed to the next round. The loser of a match is eliminated from the competition.
    • Double Elimination: Each opponent is given a second chance after a lost match. There is a winner's track and a loser's track. The winner of a match moves on to the next round in a winner's bracket and the loser will move on to the loser's bracket to compete again. All the losers from a winner bracket round are reversed in the loser bracket, where another loss will result in a definitive elimination. Each round the winner of a loser bracket match will face the loser of a winner bracket match.
  • Determine if it will be a Blind Draw or Seeded
    • Blind Draw: Players will be randomly matched up against one another.
    • Seeded: Matches will be set up according to the rankings you give each player.


There are four practice patterns to use. You can view them on the following videos and show them to the players for instruction.

 Across the Table
 Speed Bag
 Circle Drift
 Tap Tap


For the complete guide on how to run a tournament and conduct regular play on your campus, please use the Breath of Fresh Air guide.  

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Updated Sept. 27, 2016