Marketing Institute Session Descriptions

Core Competencies: Communications, Management, Marketing, Technology
November 9 – November 11, 2016
Mirage, Las Vegas

Marketing Institute Session Descriptions

Sessions are in alpha order. More sessions will be added as they are confirmed.

ACUI Branding Focus Group
Liz Stringer, ACUI
In 2015 and early 2016, ACUI conducted testing to determine how well its brand was understood and if any changes needed to be made. Two outcomes from the study were the needs to develop a new logo that connected strongly with desired brand attributes and develop a tagline that easily explained the organization’s purpose. During this focus group, logo and tagline concepts will be presented for feedback. Those both affiliated and not affiliated with ACUI are encouraged to come.

A Branding Case Study
Erin Merz, Portland State University
Portland State University’s Campus Rec’s new “Play” campaign was meant to refresh its brand. The campaign uses storytelling to showcase students’ experiences and create a sense of community. This session will outline the motivation behind the rebranding, the process used, and the measurable objectives of the campaign.

Creating a Marketing Plan Based on Current Research
Dave Crutchfield, University of Alabama
John Jackson, University of Alabama

The purpose of this presentation is to provide an overview of the development and implementation of a marketing plan that is designed to improve the overall wellness of the university student population. Current research on the benefits of the different areas within university recreation was evaluated and used to design a plan to cross-promote programs that enhanced the overall wellness of a student population. Outcomes will be applicable to other campus areas.

Developing a Student Co-Sponsorship Model for Your Program
Lauren Kuski, SUNY–Geneseo
The Geneseo Late Knight advisor will discuss the student organization co-sponsorship model that has created a greater buy-in to the late night program and provided student organizations the autonomy to develop and create an event, as well acquire leadership skills.

Engaging Staff in Building Brand Awareness: Starting a Social Media Employee Advocacy Program
Lona Leck, Bowling Green State University
Erica Pax, Bowling Green State University

Collectively, employees have a greater social media reach than an organization will ever have. Through an employee social media advocacy program, departments can generate brand awareness by motivating employees to use their personal online assets. By sharing and generating content, employees can promote department activities, services, and facilities; expand social media account reach; and build overall brand trust. This presentation provides an overview of the process of developing, implementing, and assessing employee social media advocacy programs.

How Rebranding Your Department Can Reintroduce You to the University Community
Alicia Fodera, American University
Jocelyn Hill, American University

There are many reasons why rebranding a department can revitalize and spark new interest of the university community in your facilities and programming. But when? And how? In this session you will learn if the rebranding process is right for your department/organization. Then, it will explore what are some ways to plan and execute an inclusive and successful rebranding marketing campaign.

Implementing Inclusive Marketing Methodologies
Kate O’Neill, Georgia Institute of Technology
Jennifer Pecoraro, Georgia Institute of Technology

What does it mean to “practice inclusion?” Learn what it takes to implement an inclusive marketing method for your program and services. Identify programs and services that would benefit from inclusive marketing, and create your action plan to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within your department.

Leveraging Student Voice in Outreach and Marketing
Erin McIlraith, Washington State University
Molly Gagnon, Washington State University

Involving members of a community in marketing can greatly enhance an organization’s reach and impact. In this session, hear from marketing professionals who have taken steps to include student voices in the planning and execution of office promotions and the outcomes of those efforts.

Marketing Within Your Facilities
Heather Rappaport, University of Nevada–Las Vegas
Stephanie Khodorkovsky, University of Nevada–Las Vegas
Heather Henderson, University of Nevada–Las Vegas

How do you incorporate internal and external marketing without overdoing it? How do you find companies to engage? There is a spectrum of advertising opportunities allowed within a facility. This presentation will provide practical options for involving student groups, local, and national promotions while maintaining a comfortable feeling in your facility. Presenters will discuss how to plan and implement new marketing programs and reach revenue goals.

Maximizing Mobile Apps to Make Your Marketing Stand Out
Melissa Fadler, Sam Houston State University
Scott Mauro, University of Central Florida

When you think of guerilla marketing, you usually think of inventive, interactive, and not necessarily cost-effective “on-the-street” campaigns. But guerilla marketing doesn’t have to cost a thing to be effective and make your programs stand out from the rest. This presentation walks you through how enhancing mobile technology and social media will change the way you market to students.

Professional Development for Your Student Staff
Andrew Reed, California State University–San Marcos
When a student comes and asks for direction, something as simple as flipping that around and asking, “What do you think we should do?” gives students the confidence and safety net they need to grow. The presentation will be around the intentionality of running your marketing student team in a way that creates professional development opportunities in both structured and organic ways. It will explore strategies for empowering student voices and creativity while offering them support.

Roundtable: Marketing the Tear Down and Transition of a Facility
James McHaley, Northwestern University
Northwestern University announced plans to tear down its Norris University Center and build a new structure in its place. During the session, the presenter will share the experiences so far and those planned for the marketing and communications of the tear down, the transitional period, and new University Commons. Those who have experienced significant building renovations and construction are encouraged to share their stories.

Roundtable: The Importance of Graphic Design in Marketing
Becca Fink, Boston College
Often in the field of communications, especially within a university, getting content out quickly becomes priority over taking the time to focus on the design elements of each marketing item you release. In this roundtable, participants will discuss the importance of graphic design and brand consistency.

Unlocking A Great Experience: Five Keys to Successful Customer Service
Scott Mauro, University of Central Florida
One key doesn't have to fit all when it comes to five-star customer service. In this presentation, attendees will learn how to apply five diferrent customer service strategies. Attendees will also identify best practices for external and internal customer service to develop student staff and improve point-to-point customer service.

Use What You Have to Share Your Marketing Message in a Unique Way
Erik Riha, University of Illinois
Lisa Watkins, University of Illinois

College students receive endless marketing messages, and it seems like endless marketing channels are at their fingertips. How do you make sure your message is received by your student population? This presentation will take the audience through a few unique promotions/marketing communications used at the University of Illinois to break through the message clutter. Presenters also will ask for others to share what unique things they do at their own campuses.

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