Leaning in for Women’s Financial Well-Being with TIAA-CREF

Core Competencies: Communications, Fiscal Management, Human Resource Development, Intercultural Proficiency, Leadership, Management, Planning
December 2 – December 5, 2014
Dana Point, Calif.

Leaning In for Women's Financial Well-Being

WLI 092812 TIAACREF LogoCathy McCabe, Senior Managing Director, Field Consulting Group, TIAA-CREF
Patty Hart, Senior Managing Director, Institutional Relationships, TIAA-CREF
Cristina Morales, Senior Director, Segment Marketing, TIAA-CREF
Raymonda Burgman, Director of HERS InstituteLeaning in for Women’s Financial Well-Being with TIAA-CREF

Join this interactive discussion as we explore women and money and what unique economic challenges faced. Learn why we have to act now and lean in for our own financial well-being and for those that follow us. But how do we engage ourselves while paying it forward for our Gen Y women in a way that will influence them to fundamentally change their behavior? Come explore these important topics in an interactive and new way! 

Updated Nov. 9, 2014