Investing in Yourself Sessions – Laguna Niguel

Core Competencies: Communications, Fiscal Management, Human Resource Development, Intercultural Proficiency, Leadership, Management, Planning
November 27 – November 30, 2012
Dana Point, Calif.

Investing in Yourself Sessions are designed with two purposes in mind: to address specific skill-building topics and to engage in robust round-table style conversations with fellow attendees. Several options will be available each block (specific times will be included in the program materials onsite) and participants are encouraged to engage in topics and activities that interest them. Some options have a presenter and some are group conversations; there's something for everyone in these sessions.

Postcards from the Future: A Guide to Happily Ever After

Presented by TIAA-CREF  

The presenter will share retirement strategies that work including how to identify your retirement vision (how much money will you need in retirement) and how to create a plan that gets your finances on track for achieving your retirement goals. Attendees will also learn about the unique characteristics of retirement plans from 403(b) to IRAs to annuities and which will work best for you.

Can Women Have It All? A Conversation

Facilitated by Marta Perez Drake  

An article in The Atlantic started some robust conversations about whether or not women can have successful careers and successful personal lives. Using this article as a starting point, come discuss with your colleagues the barriers to "having it all" and how they can be overcome. In addition, please watch this 15 minute video, which many of you have probably already seen at least once.Learn from your peers and take away some new ideas you can implement.

Learning to Tweet

Presented by Ann Marie Klotz

Social media has been the biggest communication tool to hit college campuses since the creation of email. Specifically the invention of Twitter has changed the ways that university administrators are crafting their message and connecting with students, faculty, and staff. Need a hand getting started? This hands-on and interactive session is designed for those who do not have a Twitter account or are new to social media. We will discuss the basics of getting started—including creating an account, personal profile, and developing your social media presence online.

Reflection and Discovery: How to Start, Continue, or Stick with Journaling

Presented by Kathryn Deiss  

Journaling can help you solve problems, reflect on life, understand yourself better, and process information. This 90-minute session will provide support for participants wanting to start a journal, as well as those who have bought way too many blank books that are still blank. This discussion will address how to start a journal, pick one up again, or keep one going when your calendar is an unrelenting master. Join us for a quiet session of self-discovery and reflection. Bring a pad of paper, your journal, or one of those blank books you've collected.

Career Pathways: A Conversation

Facilitated by Marsha Herman–Betzen  

Everyone has their own journey; often our journeys overlap. Based on experience, everyone has something to offer another along the way. Join ACUI's executive director in this story-based conversation and learn from one another's career journeys.

Career Counseling and Advice

Facilitated by Ellen Heffernan  

Back by popular demand, Ellen Heffernan will be accepting individual appointments onsite for career counseling and advice. Bring your resume and your questions for this rare opportunity with a true career development expert.

Updated Oct. 28, 2012