New Professionals Orientation Resources



 Participants [pdf]

Role of the College Union 

Knowledge Survey Results 


Session Descriptions and Introductory Binder Contents


Session Materials:

Teambuilding Brainstorm: Balance, Renew, Connect [xls]

Motivating Student Leaders and Employees [pdf]

Performance Management [pdf]

Bridging the Gap: Creating Common Bonds between Operations and Programming Functions [ppt]

Implications of the College Union and Student Activities Professionals Assessment [pdf]

Tips for Responsible and Educational Beer Tasting [pdf]

Assessment Best Practices [ppt]

Assessing Campus Programs [ppt]

Lessons from the National Survey of Student Engagement [ppt]

Assessing Traffic Data for Facilities Decision Making [pdf]

What Experiences Are You Creating and How Do You Assess Success?

Union and Activities Professionals' Role in a Global Society 

Adventures in Higher Education Law and Contract Negotiation [ppt]

Resource Development in College Unions and Student Activities [ppt]

Managing Your Career in Student Affairs [ppt]


Additional Resources

Bulletin: College Union Pubs: Community on Tap [pdf]

How to Do a Beer Tasting [pdf]

Sustainability - Indiana Memorial Union [pdf]

IPDS Stay Interview Questions [doc]

Master List of Stay Interview Questions [doc]

Supervision - Defining Expectations [ doc]

Career Resources for Student Affairs [pdf]


Updated Aug. 24, 2010