Groundswell: Student Affairs in a World of Social Technologies

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A Technology Community of Practice Webinar

Core Competencies: Communications, Student Learning, Technology
Originally presented on February 22, 2012
This is the archived version

This webinar reviews the book Groundswell, in which several stages of social technology involvement are identified, from inactive to creators. The information can then be used to steer how we engage with our students to help them advance through the involvement stages.

Groundswell authors, Josh Bernoff and Charlene Li, discuss how business can capture the power of social technology to create a strong customer base. However, during this Technology Community of Practice webinar, these experiences and ideas are translated to student affairs. We can use the same information and strategies in higher education to help engage with our students, including what the stages of online engagement are and how they can be used to our advantage.

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Updated Feb. 7, 2016