Optional Event Registration

For delegates who would like to use personal funds to pay for optional functions that their institution might not cover, an optional event registration system is now available. Included in this additional process are the regional and community dinners, tours, extra banquet tickets, books, and the insignia items commemorating the 2013 conference.

During the process of conference registration, you will see instructions to click a link for payment of these optional items separately. When you click the link, another window will open to the beginning of the registration process for optional events. Keep this secondary window open; but first, you should go back to the original window and completely finish registering for regular conference items following through all the way to check out before returning to your new window and starting the registration process for the optional events.

The link to additional events doesn't include regular delegate credentials, but if you want to register later for dinners, tours, or insignia items, you can use the previous link.

Call the office at 812.245.ACUI if you have additional questions.

Updated Jan. 31, 2013