This year TjohnE Productions is extremely excited to be producing the academic portion this years "Battle" in St Louis. It's a big change from years past, so we're reaching out now to give you valuable information, and game rules.  Below I've outlined the general rules to ThinkFast.   

You're welcome to view additional  information on ThinkFast at     


Each of the 15 regions will receive five wireless multi-digit ThinkFast game controllers to organize into teams. The designated teams can be organized into as many players as the region wants. All team points will count for the overall region total. Connect with your regional director or their appointee to make sure you have your place in the game secured!  


Is organized into two rounds.  First is a 50 minute computer generated round played with multi-digit wireless controllers, and an eclectic array of  multiple choice, video, and ThinkFaster questions with values from 1000 to 5000 points. The final question in the computer generated round is the "Big Bid" question.  That's where teams/players can wager as many points accrued as they want, but risk losing the points should they get this question wrong.  After the Big Bid question, the computer will assimilate all team scores, and display the top four on the screens.   Those regions displayed on the screens are your finalists for the final speed round.


The top four players will compete at the contestant panels for the ACUI ThinkFast Championship.  During this final speed round, contestants must answer the question offered within three seconds, or it's defered to another player.  They'll be quizzed on a diverse array of verbal, and audio questions.  Also in the final speed round each contestant will be faced with one "Academic Challenge" where they're given one minute to make a case for, or against, a designated topic while facing the audience.  The audience will then vote via wireless controllers for the contestant who delivered the best, and most persuasive oratory.  The winner of this test receives points.

Another challenge for the contestants in this final round is the ESP question. This is where we ask the audience a question, and the finalist will use their intuition to guess what the audience just voted on a given topic.  The contestant who gets closest to the actual audience vote wins points.

POINTS: Will be awarded for the three regional teams that make it the furthest in the competition. 

First Place:       30 points
Second Place:   20 points
Third Place:      10 points

TjohnE Productions Prize:  Championship plaque with the winning region's name on it to hold till next year's competition along with a $500 donation to the Education and Research Fun in the region's name. 


QUESTIONS: Feel free to contact Tim or Jaisen John at TjohnE Productions, Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m.–3 p.m. Eastern at 877.295.5559. 

Updated July 14, 2013