Educational Program Recordings

ACUI is excited to offer video recordings of educational programs from this year's annual conference in St. Louis.

All ACUI members and conference delegates will have access to all eight of these videos free of charge through their login to the ACUI website. Non-members who did not attend the conference can access the recorded programs as a package for $249, or $49 for an individual session.

Keynote Speakers

Amy Yurko
Core Competencies: Facilities Management, Student Learning, Planning, Communication
Amy Yurko is an architect. She is also an educator, writer, speaker/presenter, and community volunteer. Yurko is passionate about learning environments and physical space, which relates to our work in the college union and student activities field. It will help us to better understand the needs of our students in terms of their academic and cocurricular learning inside and outside the classroom.

Jose Antonio Vargas
Core Competencies: Intercultural Proficiency, Leadership, Communication, Student Learning
Jose Antonio Vargas, a multimedia storyteller, is the founder of Define American, a campaign that seeks to elevate the conversation around immigration. Vargas’s story is personal and relatable, as well as very current in today’s society. More students are finding their passion and their voice through social justice, and by hearing this story, members can relate to the students on our campuses and discover new perspectives.

Kevin Carroll
Core Competencies: Human Resource Development, Management, Leadership, Communication
Kevin Carroll is the founder of Kevin Carroll Katalyst/LLC and the author of three highly successful books published by ESPN, Disney Press, and McGraw-Hill. Understanding that play should always be part of the work that we do, Carroll will inspire members to bring play back to their campus and incorporate it into their departments as they work with others in order to provide the best programs and services for our students.

ACUI Talks

Formatted as a “flash keynote,” ACUI Talks featured three speakers and three ideas in a standard keynote block, providing conference attendees with more content in the same amount of time. Modeled after TED Talks, ACUI Talks was designed to disseminate “ideas worth sharing” and encourage conversation among conference delegates about the future of our field.

Richard Keeling
Core Competencies: Fiscal Management, Leadership, Planning
Richard Keeling leads Keeling & Associates, a comprehensive higher education consulting practice based in New York City. Keeling serves on the Board of Directors for the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education and has been president of four professional organizations in higher education. Keeling shared with his perspective of the future of higher education as it pertains to legislation, college access, funding, and regulation.

Hannah Brencher
Core Competencies: Communication, Technology
Hannah Brencher is the creator of The World Needs More Love Letters—a global organization that harnesses the power behind social media to hand write and mail letters to individuals in need around the world. A writer, TED speaker, and expert in millennial communications, Brencher was recognized by the White House for their “Women Working to Do Good” series and was most recently named as the 2012 winner for the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. Brencher shares her perspective on the importance of staying connected and communicating in the digital age

Bruce Backus
Core Competencies: Management, Planning
Bruce Backus is the assistant vice chancellor of environmental health and safety at Washington University. He is the immediate past president and member of the executive board of the Campus Safety, Health, and Environmental Management Association, and he has served on the board of directors in various capacities since 2008. Backus shares his perspective on emergency preparedness and its impact on our students.

Other Educational Programs

Inside ACUI
Core Competencies: Communication, Human Resource Development, Leadership
Inside ACUI took the Inside the Actor’s Studio featured speaker format and gave it a new twist. Attendees learned from an accomplished role model in college unions who can offer guidance and celebrate the importance of college unions by sharing personal and professional experience in a one-on-one interview, story-telling session. Through crowdsourced participant nominations, Inside ACUI featured ACUI past president and Butts-Whiting Award recipient Debra Hammond, California State University–Northridge, who was interviewed by Jennifer Keegin, Binghamton University.

A History of ACUI
Core Competencies: Communication, Leadership
In anticipation of ACUI’s 100th anniversary, the rich history of ACUI was brought to life through this interactive session that included in-person character portrayals of past members of ACUI from the Association’s founding to present day.

Updated April 15, 2013