Graduate Student Network

Program begins on Sunday, March 10, 11:45 a..m.
Price: $30
Preregistration required; limit 30
Core Competencies: Communication, Facilities Management, Leadership, Management, Planning, Student Learning, Technology

The Graduate Student Network provides a unique opportunity for graduate students to engage with other college union professionals and develop knowledge and skills that will assist with creating a future career in the college union and student activities field. Participants will have the opportunity to network and discuss current issues and trends, careers, and experiences as an emerging professional. Featured conference educational sessions for graduate students and flash sessions on networking and job search techniques in the ACUI Career Center will provide added value to the experience. There also is a unique chance to network with fellow graduate students plus new professionals and participate in an etiquette luncheon during an off-site visit to Washington University.

Those who will find this network most valuable are college union and student activities professionals who:

  • Are exploring a career in the college union and student activities field
  • Want to learn career navigation techniques for the college union and student activities field 
  • Are interested in networking with a cohort of colleagues by sharing experiences and discussing career and life issues as an emerging professional

Optional Lunch
Sunday, March 10, 11:45 a.m.–1 p.m.
Offsite, Meet in the Hotel Lobby

Introductions and What to Expect from Your Conference Experience
Sunday, March 11, 1–1:30 p.m.
Landmark 5, Conference Plaza, Lobby Level

Etiquette Lunch and Tour
Wednesday, March 13, 1:30–5 p.m.
Offsite, Meet in the Hotel Lobby

Updated Feb. 5, 2013