Silent and Live Auctions

Going one, going twice ... sold! Do these words get your motor running? Can you find a great deal for you? A loved one? Your office? Can you provide a great product to a member? Do you want to give scholarships to members of ACUI?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should donate to the Silent and/or Live Auction. The Silent Auction and Live Auction are essential to the Education and Research Fund, which provides educational opportunities to all members of the Association. This is the one time per year all members of ACUI gather to support the mission and values of the association and have a little fun raising money. 

The auctions feature items for your hobbies, your workplace. and your families. The newest challenge this year is for each region to donate a $100 value regional basket. Any region who submits a basket at that value will automatically receive 30 points for the Battle of the Regions competition. Be sure to stop by; bid high and bid often!

Register your item online today (shipping information is displayed once you register your item)!

Updated Jan. 14, 2013