2012 Conference: Revolution: One Building Transforms Campus Life

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An archived educational session presented at the 92nd annual conference

Core Competencies: Facilities Management, Planning, Student Learning
Originally presented on March 20, 2012
The Campus Center has become the touch-point for students’ campus experiences at University of Southern California. Sited at the crossroads, it’s the place that recruits students, the place they gather daily, and the place they miss when they graduate.

Learning Outcomes

  • Reflect on the transformative nature of effective campus planning to create a heart for the campus.
  • Learn about transformative building planning, choreographing the building functions and programs so the campus community will pass through the building and not around it, creating spaces of movement and pause.
  • Learn about an integrated planning and design process that engages a diverse group of stakeholders and develops a collective vision.
  • Gain insight about the student mindset.
  • Learn about leveraging constantly evolving technology.
  • Understand how to encourage connection to a physical place by students, alumni, and potential donors. 
  • Learn about incorporating materials, equipment, and fixtures that can benefit the campus community.


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 Patrick Bailey
University of Southern California

Bob Murrin
AC Martin

Tammy Jow
AC Martin

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