2012 Conference: Learn and Lead: Developing Successful Organizations

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An archived educational session presented at the 92nd annual conference

Core Competencies: Human Resource Development, Leadership, Planning
Originally presented on March 21, 2012
Going through an organizational change or restructure can be scary, but it does not have to be and may be the best thing for your office or organization. Through intentional strategies based on experience and assessment, you can ensure a smooth transition towards becoming more effective and inclusive with your team.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify strategies for (re)developing new organizations.
  • Utilize strengths based leadership to get the most out of a staff, including current staff and through hiring practices.
  • Learn the results from Gallup’s 10+ year study on organizational effectiveness and the 12 most important elements to pay attention to.
  • Understand assessment approaches for continuous staff/organizational evaluations.
  • Know challenges faced through transitions and tactics for overcoming these.


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Justin Camputaro
Virginia Tech

Scott Reed
Virginia Tech
Updated July 14, 2013