2012 Conference: Marketing Solutions for Expanding Student Unions

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 An archived educational session presented at the 92nd annual conference

Core Competencies: Communications, Marketing, Planning
Originally presented on March 20, 2012
This session looks at tips for assessing the efficacy of long-held branding strategies and offer solutions for updating your message to compete in advancing societies; share techniques for generating awareness and interest in union brands; and explore those marketing efforts that maximize message dissemination.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of their “branding” and “rebranding” initiatives.
  • Identify innovative strategies for integrating digital and traditional media.
  • Learn effective tips for implementing new branding and promotional strategies for their competitive markets.


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Larin Littwin
Florida State University

Lenore Messler
Florida State University
Updated July 14, 2013