Regional Gatherings


Regional Meetings

Sunday, Feb. 27, 5-6 p.m.

Regional business meetings will take place following the opening keynote address. But don’t delay because dinner and the Battle of the Regions follow immediately after. You can connect with colleagues during the opening day of the conference and gather valuable information from your regional leadership team about programs in your geographic area. You will learn more about conference highlights and your Battle of the Region assignments. Take this chance to get to know your regional colleagues as the annual conference gets underway.

Regional Dinners

Sunday, Feb. 27, 6:15 p.m.
Preregistration required Chicago is more than just deep dish pizza. The conference program team and our hosts have uncovered an exceptional round of options for ACUI’s 15 regions. Dinners are all fairly close to the hotel and have an abundance of character to offer their diners. Regions will gather to depart at the conclusion of their business meetings for their dinner destination. The battle commences immediately following dinner so don't dilly-dally in at dinner or you'll miss all the fun. Preregistration for the dinners is required and available with all other conference offerings and a la carte online.

Region 1: Wildfire: $45
A fantastic Zagat rated modern-day 1940s dinner club. A five-course meal awaits.

Region 2: Buca di Beppo: $35
An extremely entertaining atmosphere and fun dining experience. Family-style Italian awaits.

Region 3 & 4: Carson’s: $30—need we say more. This Food Network "best bbq" award-winner provides a no-fuss experience.

Region 5: Pizzaria Due: $22
Deep dish pizza so good, they made "due" stores within a block of each other. Handcrafted buttery, flaky crust is like no other.

Region 6: Weber Grill: $39
Fire-inspired food cooked on authentic Weber grills. This is gourmet grilling!

Region 7: Bandera: $45
This restaurant features classic food in a stylish atmosphere. Incredible food awaits.

Region 8: Zocalo: $40
Traditional Mexican flavors in a contemporary setting earned them a "Best of Chicago" restaurant award. Incredible experience.

Region 9: Brazzaz: $63
A traditional Brazilian steakhouse is steps from the hotel. Buffet with tableside-carved meats.

Region 10: Rosebud on Rush: $38
Classic Italian in a cozy environment, pleasing the locals and tourist alike.

Region 11: Portillo's: $28
Portillo's offers quite the experience and the best Chicago street food. Prepare to fill up on a great buffet.

Region 12: Gino's East (Superior St.): $30
A favorite of Chicago natives and certainly loved by ACUI volunteers, this is legendary pizza.

Region 13: Osteria Via Sato: $53
"Osteria" lives up to its name as a casual Italian place where people gather to enjoy hospitality. Four courses then ciao!

Region 14: Grand Lux Café: $53
Grand Lux blends the grandeur and luxury of European cafes with the sensibilities and spirit of an all-American restaurant just a few minutes from the hotel.

Region 15: Gino's East (Wells St.): $30
A unique Chicago deep dish dining experience awaits you a few blocks from the hotel. Bring your permanent marker or old school liquid white out and leave your mark.

Updated Nov. 1, 2010
Updated Nov. 1, 2010

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