Educational Session Policies for Presenters

Submission presenters were asked to read the following information before submitting their session. They were asked to agree to these policies before completing their submissions.

Preparing Your Session
Eligibility Guidelines for Corporate Partner Presentations
ACUI Inclusive Language Policy
Annual Conference Language Statement

Thank you for your willingness to present at ACUI's 90th annual conference. We expect our educational sessions and presenters to share knowledge, research, and experiences. To maximize the educational experience for all ACUI members, we will accept an appropriate number of sessions to offer a balanced program that reflects our commitment toward enhancing our knowledge base within each of our four Education Council areas:

Administration, Finance, and Management
Auxiliary Services
Campus Life and Program Management
Facilities and Operations

Futhermore, each session will be identified as addressing one or more of our profession's core competencies. Please review your session proposal to ensure your content is consistent with these areas:
Facilities Management
Fiscal Management
Human Resource Development
Intercultural Proficiency
Student Learning


Preparing Your Session

We ask that you begin preparing or refining your quality session that will challenge and engage our association’s membership. Please also remember that the Conference Program Team and members of ACUI are especially interested in sessions that are interactive in format and delivery. Before finalizing your presentation, please review ACUI’s Inclusive Language Policy and Annual Conference Language Statement included in this website. The Association reserves the right to edit your session title and/or abstract for length, grammatical style, or appropriateness.

Audio-visual equipment can greatly enhance the quality of educational sessions, and we encourage you to consider how you can effectively use technology in your presentation. ACUI will provide an LCD projector and screen, head table, and flipchart in every room. If you require any other special audio-visual equipment, please let us know by sending an e-mail to the ACUI Central Office.

Session presenters are asked to use the conference PowerPoint template for their PowerPoint presentations. For those who have already started their presentations, please use this as a backdrop [jpg]. For those starting from scratch, use this as your  master template [ppt]. If you need assistance or have questions, please contact Michelle Smith at 812.245.8055 or by e-mail.

Eligibility Guidelines for Corporate Partner Presentations

Every presenter at the ACUI annual conference must be registered for the conference or the ACUI Expo. Additionally, all presenters must meet at least one of the following qualifications:

  1. All individual members in good standing, employees or students at an institutional member in good standing, and union veterans are eligible to present educational sessions at the annual conference.
  2. ACUI nonmembers representing not-for-profit organizations are eligible to present educational sessions. Nonmembers are encouraged to present with regular ACUI members whenever possible.
  3. Every corporate presenter at the ACUI annual conference must be an associate member in good standing and have a booth in the ACUI Expo. If the session does not include a co-presenter from a member institution, a conference sponsorship at a minimum level of $5,000 is required.


ACUI Inclusive Language Policy

The Association of College Unions International, founded in 1914, is one of the oldest professional associations in higher education. Its core purpose is to “be the leader in advancing campus community builders.” This core purpose is fulfilled through the pursuit of ACUI’s Mission: to support members in the development of community through education, advocacy, and the delivery of services. ACUI works with its members in a partnership focused on personal and professional development, study, and improvement of member organizations, services, programs, facilities, and personnel.

In keeping with this purpose and to promote an appreciation for diversity, all written, oral and visual communications, e.g., presentations, audiotapes, videotapes, publications, written correspondence, documents and reports, graphic illustrations and photography, shall not include stereotypical images, terms, or expressions. Preparation of communications shall avoid gender-specific terms (e.g., not mankind but humanity) or titles (e.g., not chairman but chairperson). Characterizing an individual by age, ethnicity, gender, national origin, physical ability, race, religion, sexual orientation shall be avoided unless specifically relevant to the topic. Use of visual images shall represent a balance of diversity and reflect individuals in a non-stereotypical manner.

The Association is committed to creating and maintaining a sense of community and inclusion for all its constituents, and raising awareness regarding issues of oppression. ACUI values the diversity, including that of gender, race, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, age, and differing ability, reflected in its institutional and individual membership. Accordingly, all who are involved in the Association as volunteers, employees or guests of the organization, shall use modes of communication reflective of this commitment.


Annual Conference Language Statement

In keeping with the spirit and letter of the ACUI Inclusive Language Policy, we ask that all presenters at the annual conference be mindful that our audiences include students and professionals from all types of campuses and educational institutions, and corporate and non-profit members and partners—all from throughout the United States and the international community. Every effort is expected of presenters and speakers to include appropriate language, material, and examples for the Association’s target audience and membership.


Submissions Update

The deadline to submit proposals was June 19, 2009. The Education Council co-chairs and the education committee of the Conference Program Team jury the proposals and ensure a balanced program before presenters are notified of acceptance.

To make sure you are prepared for the online submission form, please note that the following fields are required to be filled in:

  • Session title (limit 50 characters)
  • Learning objectives  (limit 2,000 characters)
  • Tell us more (limit 2,000 characters)
  • Session abstract for use in the conference program (limit 350 characters)
  • Education Council area that the submission addresses (AFM, CLPM, FO, AUX)
  • Core competency that the session fulfills (COMM, FACMGT, FIN, HR, INTCUL, LEAD, MKTG, MGT, PLAN, SL, TECH)
  • Audience that the content best satisfies (new professional, mid-level manager, senior management profession., undergraduate student, graduate student, or career center)
  • Community of practice that might be interested (small school; gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender; graduate student; marketing for the campus; multi-ethnic professionals and allies; student employee supervisors; student organization advisors; women's leadership)
  • Audio-visual equipment needed
  • All presenters (name, institution or organization, title, e-mail address)




Updated Dec. 16, 2009
Updated Dec. 16, 2009