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ACUI Corporate Connection

Align your brand with higher education decision-makers!


ACUI's integrated marketing and media solutions will align your brand with the people who make the decisions about product and service purchasing on campuses across the world. If your brand is not currently the first choice in an ACUI member's mind, shouldn't it be?

Create separation between you and your competition. Position your organization as the thought-leader in your industry with key “connectors” at member institutions and within the overall demographic. Connect with prospects and customers in a more intimate, nontraditional way that builds exponential levels of trust and loyalty.

Let ACUI make your  Corporate Connection today!


Who's considering a renovation or construction project? Who's shopping for new service providers? Who's upgrading their furniture, fixtures, and equipment? The same decision-makers who read ACUI print and electronic communications, that's who.

Shouldn't your name be in front of them?


Face-to-Face Exhibit Time

Your reach to the college and university market can expand in new ways. Use the annual conference and the regional conferences to:

  • Potential customers can actually see with their own eyes how a product or service will benefit them, rather than viewing such offerings from a computer.
  • Interact with campus representatives in the flesh, allowing them to learn about your company and its goals.
  • Businesses can establish those necessary relationships with higher education professionals that will help their firms network in the future.
  • Companies that want to expand their reach should consider the advantage of meeting a large amount of people in a short period of time. 

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 Expo Presentation

Associate Membership 

ACUI provides its members with valuable networking opportunities, exclusive information and research resources, technical standards and guidelines, industry recognition, and displays of the latest products and services. Maximize your visibility and your investment in the higher education market by joining ACUI as an associate member. Your company will stand out from the crowd as an active participant and partner.

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ACUI sponsorships are designed for those companies whose marketing goals demand that extra edge in visibility and leadership status with their market. As an ACUI sponsor, your company is host to high-profile college union and student activities decision-makers.




Interact in person with college union directors at the 2017 ACUI Expo.

ACUI Associate Membership

Connect with the higher education market. Become an ACUI associate member today.