Electronic Advertising

Website Sponsorship

One of the most effective and valuable resources ACUI provides is its interactive website—a trusted resource for members. Let your brand reach the membership by strategically tying your organization's product or service to a key area of the ACUI website.

With 993,000+ pageviews last year and an average of 16,500 visits per month, the ACUI website provides a new dimension of exposure within the higher education market. Choose from our top three traffic generating pages for ad placement. Generate interest and leads with a clickthrough URL of your choice, and create effective and measurable marketing results.

Square Badge Ads
Single Location Rates
 ACUI Homepage

Placement Duration First Position    Second Position   
   Member Nonmember  Member  Nonmember
 3 Months $1,800 $2,200 $1,600 $2,100
 6 Months $3,200 $3,950 $2,800 $3,750
 9 Months $4,850 $5,900 $4,450 $5,600
 12 Months $6,450 $7,850 $5,950 $7,550

Square Badge Ads -
Single Location Rates Communities of Practice Page

Placement Duration

First Position
3 Months $500
6 Months $900
9 Months $1,200
12 Months $2,500

Example: On-Campus Bowling Centers

Badge ad size (width x height): 250 x 250 pixels.

* Due to high visibility of web advertising, ACUI requests a three-month maximum per ad version in these spots and limits ad version changes to one per month. For example, a minimum of four and no more than 12 ad versions must be provided per 12-month contract.

Email Advertising

Promote your organization's excellence with the ACUI email distribution service! This powerful visibility tool allows your organization to reach our 6,000+ higher education student and professional members. Utilize this new service for special promotions, to position your organization as the leader in your industry with ACUI members, and to promote your presence at the ACUI Expo! You couldn’t ask for a better opportunity to create an integrated approach targeting the decision-makers at ACUI member institutions

For ACUI associate members, purchase a set of three or more insertions to be used through the end of 2016 and get 20% off listed member prices!

 Standard Rates Member Nonmember*  
 1 distribution $600 $1,500
 2 distributions $1,150 $2,050
 3 distributions $1,650 $2,550
 4 distributions $2,100 $3,000
 5 distributions $2,500 $3,400
 6 distributions $2,850 $3,750

*Nonmember rate includes 12 months of associate membership

 Multiple distributions must be paid and scheduled in advance. Only available to ACUI members.

Material Specifications

All email files must be html with a card width of 598 pixels.

ACUI Mobile App Advertising

The ACUI mobile app features downloadable mobile guides for ACUI programs and services, which allow users to manage their schedule, browse exhibitor lists, and access other information. The event guide for the 2016 annual conference was downloaded to 2,015 devices (vs. 1,384 in 2015), with 1,279 total individuals participating at the event. A mobile guide is used almost exclusively for ACUI programs instead of binders and other event programs and publications.

Companies can promote their organization and/or products through a banner advertisement that appears at the bottom of the main menu on any event guide, which will show in rotation with a limited number of ads. When users click on the banner, they will be directed to a page within the mobile guide that includes the banner image, your company name, a description, and a "More Info" button that will link to your website. Adwork should be 600 width by 110 height.

2017 annual conference guide 

  • Rotation ad: $250
  • Exclusive ad: $1,500


Interact in person with college union directors at the 2017 ACUI Expo.

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