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The Bulletin is the professional publication for college union directors, activities directors, union facilities officers, programming advisors, and retail services managers. Established in 1932, it now reaches more than 4,000 individuals at hundreds of institutions in nine countries six times per year. The Bulletin is a benefit for ACUI institutional and associate members who each share their copies with colleagues and students. Additionally, many readers save their issues of The Bulletin for years, referring to them frequently for problem-solving information.

Ninety-two percent of ACUI members consider The Bulletin a valuable part of the ACUI membership, and 94% thoroughly read The Bulletin. The Bulletin’s circulation is 100% qualified and paid. 

Contact, 812.245.ACUI (2284) for an Insertion Order and final pricing.


 *ACUI associate members receive a 15% discount off listed prices

 Black & white  6x  3x  1x
 Full page  $850  $1,175  $1,400
 2/3 page  $750   $850  $1,000
 1/2 page  $650  $750  $850
 1/3 page  $550  $650  $750
 1/4 page  $350  $500  $600
 Full page  $2,350  $2,650  $2,850
 2/3 page  $1,850  $2,150  $2,350
 1/2 page  $1,600  $1,950  $2,150
 1/3 page  $1,400  $1,750  $1,900
 1/4 page  $1,200  $1,500  $1,700
 Color options      
 Inside cover  $2,900    
 Back cover  $3,200    
 Page 1  $2,700    
 Page 2  $2,700    
 Center spread  $3,700  $4,100  $4,500

Contact ACUI for metallic and non-process ink color pricing.

All three-time advertisement insertions must be for consecutive issues. All six-time advertisement insertions begin from the first insertion.

Editorial Calendar

Find out more about each issues regular content and the publication timelines here. Of particular interest might be

January/February Bulletin for architects due to the Renovation and Construction Showcase

September/October Bulletin for entertainment and technology companies due to the What's New? feature.

Materials Specifications

All color files must be saved as CMYK. RGB separations are not acceptable. Acceptable graphic file formats are: PDF, EPS, TIF, and high-resolution JPEG files (300 dpi). Files created using desktop publishing software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign are acceptable.

Please do NOT use Microsoft Word, Publisher, Excel, PowerPoint, or Paint Brush. Please include all fonts in the file and limit e-mailed ads to files less than 10MB; larger files can be mailed via CD-ROM. All digital materials should be accompanied by a proof of the ad to ensure proper reproduction in the magazine.

This link has specific page sizes for the Bulletin.

Reprints and Overruns

Reprints and overruns are available. Reprints can be of one specific article or several articles combined, and company logos or contact information can be inserted into the original design.

Bulk overruns of the entire magazine issue must be ordered prior to the issue’s publication date.

Please call 812.245.2284 for rates and requirements


All advertisement contents are subject to the publisher’s approval. ACUI reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertisement, insertion order, or position commitment at any time.

Advertisers and advertising agencies assume full responsibility for all ad content and for any subsequent claims against ACUI. ACUI’s liability for any error will not exceed the cost for the advertisement’s space.

Positioning of the advertisements is at the discretion of ACUI. The Association reserves the right to give better position than specified in the insertion order with no rate increase. Artwork not received by the closing date will be included at ACUI’s discretion. ACUI reserves the right to place the word “Advertisement” above any copy.

All advertising contracts are subject to changes in rates upon notice from ACUI. Organizations that are not ACUI associate members are required to prepay for their first insertion. Advertisers will receive an invoice with a tear-sheet of their current ad. If advertisers wish to receive a complete magazine, they may purchase one for $10.


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