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About ACUI

ACUI members are higher education professionals and students from hundreds of schools across nine countries whose mission is to build campus community. Our members work in student center facilities, coordinate campus activities, and ensure positive, high-functioning student organizations exist on campus. We continually learn from each other as a diverse group, with members from urban and rural campuses, two- and four-year institutions, and large and small schools. 

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Based on Needs Assessment results, the typical ACUI member:

  • Considers ACUI their primary association
  • Has been affiliated with ACUI for 12.5 years, and initially joined because they became employed at a member institution
  • Is most satisfied with the professional connections made with colleagues through ACUI
  • Has attended two annual conferences, two regional conferences, and one webinar sponsored by ACUI in the past five years
  • Has a physical college union facility on their campus
  • Has the following professional responsibilities:
    • Administration, Finance, and Management (26% of membership)
      • Budgeting and capital planning
      • Staffing and employee relations
      • Policies and procedures
      • Student employment
      • Training
    • Auxiliary Services (19% of membership)
      • Campus services
      • Leases and contracting
      • Retail operations
      • Reservations
      • Conferences
    • Facilities and Operations (28% of membership)
      • Building management
      • Fixtures, furniture, and equipment
      • Customer service
      • Night and weekend management
      • Safety and security
    • Campus Life and Program Management (27% of membership)
      • Activities
      • Campus collaborationResearch Icon
      • Student leader training
      • Marketing and program promotion
      • Advising

ACUI Member Institution Demographics

ACUI Professional Members by 
Institution's Student Enrollment
30,000+ 11%
20,001–30,000  18%
15,001–20,000  15%
10,001–15,000  16%
7,501–10,000 10%
5,001–7,500   10%
2,501–5,000  11%
1,001–2,500 7%
< 1,000 2%


ACUI Member Institution Type

Doctoral/Research Universities–Extensive        39%
Doctoral/Research Universities–Intensive      13%
Master's Colleges and Universities I  34%
Master's Colleges and Universities II        2%
Baccalaureate Colleges–Liberal Arts             4%
Baccalaureate Colleges–General 3%
Baccalaureate/Associate's Colleges 1%
Associate's Colleges 5%
Unknown 11%



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