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The Urban Union Community of Practice represents the many institutional and associate members whose institutions are situated in an urban area, where the context of their surrounding city informs efforts to build campus community.  This community of practice is centered around educational programs and opportunities, focusing on the urban campus and union experience, and producing scholarship to match the growing scholarship across many fields focused on the urban experience. We intend to continue to tell the college union story, in particular how the college union idea plays out on busy city streets, bustling public transit, and urban design and city planning.  We intend to collaborate and partner across ACUI and beyond ACUI to better serve our member institutions, but also to better serve ACUI and to help bring a new understanding to this unique segment of college unions.

The Urban Union Community of Practice, borrowing from the Coalition of Urban Serving Universities and the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities, defines an urban campus (and its associated urban union or campus center activities) as follows: 

  • Located in a metropolitan area with a population of 450,000 or greater (USU)
  • Serving the region not only by providing an educated citizenry and workforce, but also as a cultural and intellectual resource (CUMU)
  • Supporting civic engagement and service learning opportunities in the city through both the institutional and union mission

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