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The ACUI Student Employee Supervisors Community of Practice builds a network of professionals who supervise students within the higher education field. This community will encourage and practice peer education; will advocate on behalf of its members regarding the development of best practices; and will share and brainstorm ideas by means of online tools and ACUI publications, as well as face-to-face interactions through regional, national, and international programs. Through the development of these resources, community members will enhance their knowledge about the issues that face student employee supervisors at institutions large and small.

Recently in the Forum

Top 10 Trends, Educational Session in Philly
Hi Everyone   We are still looking for a couple more Top Trends from colleagues at various institutions.  Let us know what you are doing, so we can share with others in Philly.      Hello College Union Friends, ...
Posted on 3/8/2017 9:00 PM
Student Employee Senior Exit Interview Questions
Happy New Year Everyone Am looking for some assistance in formulating exit interview questions for our senior student employees. As we do performance interviews at the end of each semester, this would be a perfect time to have them fill ...
Posted on 1/23/2017 11:26 AM
Student Employee Forum Questions
Hi All,   I am looking to have a forum for our student staff to gather information about their experience working for our department.  Does anyone have any general questions that they recommend asking?    Additionally, I'm looking to complete ...
Posted on 1/23/2017 10:38 AM
Position Description: Assistant Director Union & AV
Good morning  Our operations area has an opening for an assistant director level position at the moment and we are looking to revamp the position to have more of an A V focus.  This individual will also supervise student staff ...
Posted on 1/20/2017 10:05 AM
Employee's Dating
Hi Everyone, I recently had two of my student employees self disclose to me that they were dating each other to me. In the moment, I thanked them for their honesty, and told them that I would speak with them ...
Posted on 1/10/2017 4:52 PM
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