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Job Description - Marketing/Assessment Assistant

Category: Student employee

Responsibilities: Assist in all marketing and promotion of the university center, its staff, tenants, and programs; Draft press releases/develop communication materials (including proofreading and editing; Conduct research for ongoing stories, projects, and presentations; Assist in strategic marketing plan, web development, video editing; Work with staff in various areas to increase attendance/usage of facilities; Develop posters, table tents, flyers, and other visual media; Coordinate event-based marketing initiatives; Assist with research and benchmarking projects. Attend required student employee staff development meetings/programs. For centers with an integrated graphic design department: Responsible for designing all documents, logos, graphics, and any visual media using software available (see experience; scan and import digital imagery; take digital photographs as needed; meet with clients to discuss layout, idea creation, and development; attend required student employee staff development meetings/programs

Special qualifications: Customer service skills; Ability to work with a minimum of supervision; Cooperative spirit in working with peers, supervisors, clients, and guests; Excellent interpersonal skills; Critical thinking skills; Planning and organization skills

Skill development areas: Communication, Intercultural proficiency, Marketing, Planning, Student learning, Technology

Primary outcome domain: Cognitive complexity

Secondary outcome domain dimensions: Critical thinking, Reflective thinking, Effective reasoning, Creativity, Global perspective, Technological competence, Managing career development

Updated Aug. 12, 2010