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Food Service Director

Responsibilities: In charge of all union food service operations, including restaurant dining, catering, cafeteria, snack bars, food courts, and possibly satellite operations. In larger unions, there is usually also an assistant food service director or manager.

Special qualifications: Ability to organize and train a large staff of both full‑time and student employees. Thorough familiarity with all phases of food purchasing, preparation, production control, merchandising, service, and inventory control. Administrative ability and understanding of the technical aspects of menu planning. Working knowledge of nutrition and dietetics. A sympathetic appreciation of special needs of campus clientele. Resourcefulness in using union facilities in accomplishing the general social and recreational objectives of the union.

Experience: Supervisor or manager of a union or residence hall dining unit, or equivalent experience in commercial food management and catering elsewhere of such character as to demonstrate ability to direct the varied food service of the union. 

Education: Bachelor’s degree in hotel or institutional management, business administration, accounting, or related field. Some institutions will recognize significant experience in a commercial food service enterprise in lieu of a degree.

Core competencies: Communication, Fiscal Management, Management, Planning

Updated Jan. 20, 2013