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Assistant Director of the College Union

Responsibilities: If the union has only one assistant director, this individual may be the second‑ranking administrative official. If the union has more than one assistant director, each is usually responsible for a specific functional area, such as programs and activities, food service, business operations, building operations and maintenance, personnel, or marketing. The difference between an associate director and an assistant director may be that the associate director has more extensive authority throughout the entire union operation, whereas the assistant director is more likely to be responsible for a specific area. However, assistant directors are often a part of the decision‑making team for the entire union.

Special qualifications, experience, and education: May be the same as for the director or may be specific to the functional area this person supervises, depending on the organizational structure. See program director, business manager, and food service director.

Core competencies: Communication, Fiscal Management, Leadership, Management


Updated Jan. 20, 2013