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Marketing Director

Responsibilities: Promotes the entire union operation through printed materials and media outlets, including calendars, brochures, special catalogs for retail operations, announcements, newsletters, radio and television public service announcements, and advertising (to the extent permitted by local and state laws). Supervises graphic design artists, who may be student workers. Works with campus newspaper to coordinate advertising, news coverage of union events and services, and feature articles about the union. Works with all departments of the union to ensure a consistent public relations approach throughout the operation. Also may advise student committees. Works closely with campus public relations office. May report to the union director or to an associate or assistant director.

Special qualifications: Good written and oral communication skills. Proficiency in computer software programs in graphic design, desktop publishing, and printing preparation. The ability to work with a variety of people and situations. An understanding of union philosophy and the role of the union within the context of the university or college. The ability to articulate the mission of the union to many constituencies.

Experience: Employment in a public relations firm, or as a journalist or graphic designer. Experience in a public relations department for a college, university, or public service institution. Experience in student activities as an undergraduate helpful.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in the liberal arts, mass communications, creative writing, graphic design, or a related field.

Core competencies: Communication, Technology, Marketing

Updated Jan. 20, 2013