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Campus Life and Program Management Job Descriptions

To the left, you will see a list of common positions in college unions and student activities. Professionals in this area often work most closely with student leaders through program development and student organization advising.

While reporting lines, institution type, and institution size often affect particular job responsibilities, please use these descriptions as a resource as you refine your organization's job descriptions, place announcements for open positions, and map out your own union or activities career. Additionally, with this Education Council area in particular, several position descriptions might have only slight nuances differentiating their responsibilities. Small union or activities programs might find it helpful to combine several position descriptions to best represent a single role in their operation.

If a position description is not included in this list, first note whether it has been categorized under one of the other three Education Council areas. If you are unable to locate it, please contact the ACUI Central Office or post a query on the ACUI Forum.

Updated July 3, 2012