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The ACUI Internship Program offers a comprehensive and structured learning experience for candidates looking to work in a college union or activities program at a participating member institution.

Jeremy Schenk welcomes 2014 ACUI interns Nick Elliott and Gillian Perry to Virginia Commonwealth University
Jeremy Schenk welcomes 2014 ACUI interns Nick Elliott and Gillian Perry to Virginia Commonwealth University

Initiated by the Education Council, this program is designed around the Association’s core competencies and skill sets. Interns will gain insight into the daily operations, programming, services, and overall management of a college union and student activities program in preparation for a career in the field. Additionally, if enrolled in a graduate program that offers this option, student participants could receive course credit for the internship.

  • Internship listings are made available immediately after the host submits them, so candidates should check back frequently to see the latest internship openings.
  • By logging in, candidates can view hosts' contact information for where application materials should be sent.
  • There are no set deadlines for matching; candidates can apply at any time and be interviewed and awarded an internship at any time.
  • There is no fee for hosts or candidates to participate.


Candidate eligibility: 

  • Host sites prefer candidates with at least a bachelor’s degree, including entry-level professionals, master’s candidates, or doctoral candidates in higher education, student affairs, or related fields.
  • Experience in unions and activities preferred.
  • Candidates should not intern at their home institution.

Host site eligibility:

  • The host site must be an ACUI member institution.
  • A dedicated supervisor must be provided for the intern, someone with the time and talent to mentor, encourage, and evaluate the intern and their mutual experience. 
  • For the 2017 program, internships must last a minimum of eight weeks but no more than 10 weeks from May to August. ACUI Career Center(The specific start and end date are subject to the host institution’s academic schedule.)  
  • A minimum stipend of $1,500 is expected.  
  • Provision or coordination of room and board for the intern is expected. 

Benefits for Candidates and Employers

Hosting an intern allows an employer to:

  • Invest in the personal and professional development of an individual looking to enter the college union and student activities profession.
  • Gain the resources of a talented intern, bolstering the staff’s capacity to fulfill new and ongoing initiatives.
  • Expose future leaders to a new campus experience and additional perspectives on the role of the union and activities on a college campus.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to providing quality learning opportunities to those interested in pursuing careers in unions and student activities.

Candidates would gain the following educational outcomes:

  • Firsthand experience in the management and operation of a college union, student activities programs, and affiliated programs and services.
  • On-the-job training with exposure to various union operations and programs.
  • Experience with different supervisory styles from a variety of professionals who work in unions and program areas.
  • Knowledge on how to work with a diverse and professional team of leaders through structured interactions provided by host institutions. 
  • New perspectives on the Role of the College Union by working on a new campus and within a new facility.
  • An understanding of broad perspectives on union employment.
  • Effective communication and collaboration skills through working with a diverse union staff.
  • Enhanced leadership skills through structured experiences and projects.


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Updated Feb. 2, 2017