PensResume Checklist

Before sending your resume to prospective employers, review the 20 Tips for a Stand-Out Resume and use the checklist below to ensure your resume is in pristine condition!


  • Did you include all pertinent contact information, including your email address and phone number?
  • Is the username and domain of your e-mail address appropriate?
  • Does your name stand out?
  • Is there a separation between the page heading and the content of your resume?

Career Objective

  • If including a career objective, does it align with the position for which you are applying?
  • Is it brief yet descriptive?
  • Does it focus on how you can help the institution, rather than how they can help you?

Education and Training

  • Did you include your institution name, location, degree, major(s), minor(s), and year of graduation or expected graduation date?
  • If significant, did you include the percentage of educational expenses earned?

Work Experience

  • Did you include all pertinent work experiences?
  • Are they listed in chronological order?
  • Did you include all header information including the name of the company/institution, location, dates employed, and your title?
  • If multiple positions were held, did you include the dates for each position?
  • Did you utilize bullet points to make it easy to read?
  • Do all of your bullets begin with or incorporate action verbs?
  • Are your results quantified when possible?
  • Did you place emphasis on the skills listed in the job description?

Extracurricular and Volunteer Activities

  • Are all pertinent activities included?
  • Is all header information listed, including the position held, name of activity, and the dates?
  • Did you include a brief description of your contributions and achievements in each position?


  • If asked to provide references, did you include them on a separate sheet?
  • Did you list at least three professional references?
  • Did your references agree to be listed on your reference sheet?
  • Were each of your references sent an updated copy of your resume?
  • Did you refrain from placing the phrase “references furnished upon request” on the bottom of your resume?


  • Is the content of your resume accurate?
  • Is it free of all typos and grammatical errors?
  • Is the writing style clear and concise?
  • Is your resume written specifically for the position for which you are applying?
  • Did you include all pertinent education, work experiences, volunteering, and awards?
  • Is all formatting consistent throughout the document (including section breaks and headers)?
  • Did you use the appropriate margins and font sizes?
  • Did you have someone else review it for errors? 



Updated May 8, 2015