Stack of PapersThank You Letters

Sending a thank you letter after an interview is a vital component of the interview process. The thank you letter shows both courtesy and a continued interest in the position. Each time the interviewers see your name, the more you stand out in their mind. A thank you letter is a quick and easy way to reaffirm that you are the right person for the job. Below are some tips to keep in mind while composing a thank you letter.

  • The opening sentence of your letter should state the interview date and the title of the position for which you interviewed.
  • Include a personalized statement about something that was discussed during the interview. For example, a highlight of their campus, a specific program that impressed you, or an interesting piece of information provided during the interview. Often, several candidates will be interviewed for a single position. Providing a highlight of your interaction with the interviewers will allow them to connect the experience to your name. This will also show the interviewers your level of engagement during the interview process.
  • Include any follow-up information that you may have promised the recruiter or anything that you wish you would have shared during the interview. However, be sure to keep your letter brief.
  • Confirm your continued interest in the position and briefly state how your skills and experiences align for the position for which you are pursuing.
  • Send your thank you letter promptly. If you choose to send your letter via postal mail, keep in mind the delivery time of the mail as well as the timeline of the institution’s hiring process. You want to make sure that your letter arrives to your interviewers prior to their final decision.
  • As with all professional correspondences, make sure your letter is grammatically correct and error free.

According to an article on, the York Technical Institute states that less than 4 percent of applicants send thank you letters! So take the extra time to thank your interviewer; it may just be the deciding factor in landing your perfect job!


Updated May 8, 2015