Official Positions of the Association (Taking Positions)

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The governing documents of ACUI state that the Association is "to provide an avenue for the advancement of the educational goals of member colleges and universities" and that "[a]ny activities not in themselves in furtherance of the Association's education purposes shall constitute an unsubstantial part of its total activities." 

From the foregoing it is apparent that any position taken by ACUI should be in keeping with the advancement of education and particularly that portion of education which is most important to campus centers and programs. When representatives vote, they exercise the franchise of their institutions, not their own.

In this day of proliferating special interest groups and confrontational politics, ACUI is frequently called upon to take stands on political or social issues that have little or no bearing on the advancement of education. Persons active in the college union field sometimes are deeply committed to such issues and importune the Association to support these causes.

This policy is therefore enacted to provide the membership specific guidance as to when the Association may seek to take a position on a specific social, economic, or political issue.

  1. No member, volunteer, or paid staff member of the Association may express in written, verbal, electronic, or other means an "official position" of the Association without the expressed authorization of the CEO or the Board of Trustees.
  2. The Association shall limit its "official positions" to those areas of education in which it has both vital interest and some expert knowledge in such as way as to fulfill its purpose and
    protect its tax-exempt status.
  3. The Board of Trustees shall establish procedures for permitting the petitioning of the membership for the Association to present an "official position" on an issue that meets the criteria established in this policy.
  4. The CEO and/or president of the Association shall be considered to be the spokespersons for all "official positions" of the Association.
Updated March 30, 2015