Research Oversight

21.0 General111990-03-012015-02-032015-02-032016-02-29
  1. ACUI shall establish a Research Program Team which shall be responsible for the coordination and approval of research conducted in the name of ACUI or with ACUI financial support.
  2. All research projects of the Association and its components must be approved by the Research Program Team.
  3. The Research Program Team has oversight responsibility for all Association research projects. The Research Program Team shall:
    • Approve the research design, methodology, and instrumentation.
    • Approve the data analysis and presentation of data.
    • Approve the discussion, conclusions, and recommendations.
    • Coordinate the publication of research with project coordinators in conjunction with the editor of Association publications.
  4.  The Association reserves the publication rights for all research conducted by the Association and its components.


Definition: Research projects shall include any survey, questionnaire, or any other means employed to collect data and all scientific research projects.1
Updated March 30, 2015