Document Retention

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The records of the Association of College Unions International, ("ACUI") are significant assets and should be treated as such. Association records include essentially all records produced by employees in the scope of their employment, whether paper or electronic. A record may be as obvious as a memorandum, an email, or a membership application, or something not as obvious, such as a computerized desk calendar, an appointment book, or an expense record.

The law requires ACUI to maintain certain types of records, usually for a specified period of time. Failure to retain those records for those minimum periods could subject ACUI to penalties and fines, cause the loss of rights, obstruct justice, taint potential evidence in a lawsuit, place ACUI in contempt of court, or seriously disadvantage ACUI in litigation.

ACUI expects all employees to fully comply with any published records retention or destruction policies and schedules, the most current schedule being attached to this policy. 

Employees should note the following general exception to any stated destruction schedule: If an employee believes, or ACUI informs its employees, that ACUI records are relevant to litigation, or potential litigation, then the employee must preserve those records until the CEO and ACUI's legal counsel determine the records are no longer needed. This exception supersedes any previously or subsequently established destruction schedule for those records. If an employee believes that the exception may apply, or has any questions regarding the possible applicability of this exception, please contact the CEO.

From time to time, ACUI may establish revised retention or destruction policies or schedules for specific categories of records to ensure legal compliance,and to accomplish other objectives, such as to preserve intellectual property and cost management. Several categories of documents that bear special consideration are identified in ACUI's Records Retention Schedule. While minimum retention periods are suggested in the Records Retention Schedule, the retention of the documents identified therein and of documents not included in the Records Retention Schedule should be determined primarily by application of the general guidelines affecting document retention identified above, as well as any other pertinent factors.

Records produced by volunteers on behalf of ACUI while in leadership positions with the Association may also be subject to this policy. Questions about this policy's application to volunteers or any other questions regarding the policy should be referred to the CEO who is in charge of administering, enforcing, and updating the policy.

Updated March 30, 2015